Scholarship Season is here! Big Winner from new Goodyear Chick-fil-A


In 1955, Truett Cathy set a mayonnaise jar on the restaurant counter. The reason? To help Team Member Eddie White raise funds to pursue his dream of a college education.

Thanks to contributions from guests and Truett himself, Eddie’s dream came true. After graduation, Eddie went on to have a career in education, eventually serving as Assistant Superintendent in the greater Atlanta area.

(Reference – Chick-fil-A Website)

Due to this long standing legacy of supporting young scholars, Chick-fil-A in partnership with Scholarship America, selects 12 deserving team members for a very special scholarship each year: the True Inspiration Scholarship which awards $25,000. These team members must show demonstrated financial need and have at lease a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA. They must tell their story.

It is a rare honor for a Chick-fil-A location to work along side one of the True Inspiration Scholarship recipients. It is incredibly rare that we have had this honor THREE times. In fact, it’s never been done before.

Fernando was our first recipient, in 2022. He was flown to Atlanta with our operator, Bruce, for a “uniform panel” and got the surprise of his life!

In 2023, Mireina was invited to the Goodyear location during her spring break to be part of some interviews to gauge the team member experience. During her interview, a group from Chick-fil-A Inc. burst in with her personalized sauce packet and fanfare!

This year, Chick-fil-A added more to the surprise, and Andrew Cathy, our CEO led an entourage of excitement around the country to surprise the winners. Their plan was simple and was executed flawlessly. Kayla’s surprise and joy was palpable.

Kayla Vance, a director at Chick-fil-A Estrella Pkwy & I-10 was selected as one of the True Inspiration Scholarship recipients for 2024. We could not be more proud and excited for her as she continues her school journey. As a single mom, Kayla knows the value of setting an example for her daughter. She is a constant picture of not letting your circumstances get in the way of pursuing more for your life and is wholly deserving of this scholarship and recognition.

Congratulations, Kayla, we are so privileged to know you.

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